Sheriff Lonnie Greco

Plaquemines Parish

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As Plaquemines Parish Sheriff, Lonnie will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the entire Sheriff’s Office. Four specific areas in which you will see an immediate improvement upon taking office are —


One of the greatest problems, before and especially since Katrina, is traffic congestion. Effective traffic management is long overdue and within our reach!


Our hard working Deputies keep our crime rate low, but we do not provide them with the tools to solve the crimes we do have. Lonnie will start a highly trained Crime Scene Unit able to identify suspects and provide better evidence for the conviction of those who commit crime in Plaquemines.


Lonnie will continue the current community programs, and expand them to include the Junior Deputy Program and a Law Enforcement Explorer Program allowing our young children, teens, and young adults the opportunity to develop a closer relationship with the Sheriff’s Office and community service.


As tax collector, the Sheriff is entrusted with the duty and responsibility of handling your tax dollars while maintaining the highest standards in accounting practices, ethics, and fiscal accountability.